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5 Reasons Telehealth is the Fastest Growing Segment in the Healthcare Industry

The rising popularity of telehealth can be attributed to its many advantages. The list can go for a while, some reasons include use in isolated rural communities or in post-disaster situations, where access to consistent healthcare is often unavailable. Telehealth has proven to be beneficial in such situations to provide emergency health care. Patients residing in remote locations can receive clinical healthcare from the comfort of their homes without travelling to a hospital.
To make this easy, we compiled a list of the top 5 reasons telehealth is becoming the next big thing in healthcare, more specifically, the fastest growing segment in healthcare globally.

  1. Reduced readmissions and decrease in outpatient visits. The cost associated with healthcare has also decreased due to this process. Telehealth also encourages health education; healthcare practitioners at the primary level can observe the working procedure of experts in respective fields while the experts can supervise the work of novices.

  2. Chronic patients - Easier to access healthcare practitioners more readily and receiving timely information and advice about managing chronic conditions (diabetes etc.) and other challenges

  3. Provider services – the advancements in technologies are assisting providers to enhance their reach, offer improved access to health care to more patients and reduce costs.

  4. Consumer demand – an increasing number of patients expect and demand access to telehealth services as they prefer the ease of communicating over remote technologies that eliminates their need to take time off from work to visit a doctor.

  5. Benefits administration – some employers extend a range of services as a part of their benefits package while some insurers also use it as a way to reduce unnecessary ER visits.