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5 Ways Telemedicine Reduces Healthcare Costs

Telemedicine has the huge potential to meet the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s triple aim to help the healthcare system. The triple aim is to increase the quality of care, improve the health of overall population and decrease the per capita cost of care. Investment in telemedicine has a great way of reducing healthcare system cost.


5 Ways Telemedicine Reduces Healthcare Costs

There are 5 ways telemedicine is reducing healthcare costs:

1. Use of remote monitoring technologies: Remote monitoring technology allows patients to be monitored on a perambulatory basis when previously they could only be observed as inpatients. The change from inpatient to outpatient reduces the costs of the healthcare sector.

2. Use of remote analysis services: Remote analysis services enable trained professionals to work together, as it lower the costs and improve the quality care. In smaller areas, there may not be enough traffic to keep a radiologist and pathologist fully engaged. Low volume providers can utilize all time resource at a nominal rate.

3. Reduce unnecessary expenses: There is a sharp cut in the expenses because of telemedicine; it reduces the repetitive hospital visits and emergency room visits which are pretty expensive. Telemedicine usually refers the provision of health care services and education from a distance with the help of telecommunications technology.

4. Telemedicine appointments: Providers can save a lot of time and money by offering telemedicine appointments, mostly the time which gets wasted. The patient can avail this service instead of travelling to the hospital or nursing homes which could cost them time and money.

5. Keeps patients in your practice: When patients need immediate care, telemedicine is the fastest way to reach out and it is the cheapest as well. At times when a patient needs care, he or she shows up the ER or any retail clinics for treatment which could be addressed by their local providers easily. Usually a quick overview and few kind words to reassure the patient save them a lot of troubles.

Telemedicine extends the hours of the providers and increases the availability of the provider. It is easy to cut down at least 5-10 minutes of time to e-visit a patient.