GoTelecare Franchise
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A Complete Healthcare Franchise Providing you Lucrative Growth Possibilities

Get in touch with GoTelecare and explore the opportunities that we provide as a healthcare franchise. As a powerful healthcare franchise, GoTelecare is the only company that provides account management, marketing lead generation and a comprehensive training absolutely for free.


Just bring the client on board and everything will be our responsibility while you continue earning money during the entire client lifecycle.

GoTelecare has the credentials, ability to serve clients with best in class support in telehealth and healthcare revenue cycle management. We will provide you all the necessary marketing collaterals, best practices guides that will allow you to get better with explaining our unique value proposition. All your efforts will be complemented with our disciplined support and guidance. Partner with us and get to know how we improve your business potential with our disciplined support.

We need you as our proud franchisee and will provide you with consistent avenues of earning passive residual income. The best part of working with GoTelecare is always going to be our presales and marketing assistance. The biggest advantage of working with us will be our excellent strategic vision and lead generation methods that will help you win over objections with transparency. We are a proven revenue cycle management company that believes in providing extensive support in medical billing and telemedicine.

Your access to a great team and all the account management support that you will be receiving for your sales acquisition process will be helping you to earn more while we build on the vision of a next gen healthcare delivery. We have the ability, the experience and the competitive advantage to serve our clients with complete revenue cycle management and telehealth solution. Get in touch with us, know our best practices and flexibility and build your financial future. GoTelecare believes in building a strong family of franchisees, channel partners that will help us extend our business value.