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A Healthcare Franchise with The Right Plan for its Business Partners

In the evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, it is important for you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the healthcare franchise that you will be looking to work with.


In most cases, competitive solutions and an excellent support plan has to go hand in hand for generating business results both for the franchise and its team of channel partners. To achieve growth, it is important for the healthcare franchise to take the onus and help its team with a dedicated marketing and pre-sales strategy.

Why GoTelecare is the Healthcare Franchise you are looking for!

GoTelecare is a competitive healthcare services company that deals with cutting edge solutions in telemedicine and medical billing. Over the years, we have working with numerous providers and payers in the healthcare space and have been supporting them with our disciplined telehealth and medical billing services.

The best part of working with us as a business partner is the flexibility on offer. Even experienced healthcare professionals that have their own individual professional compulsions can work with us and generate consistent passive residual income for themselves.

Moreover, there is no royalty fees attached and you can work with us and earn income during the entire lifecycle of the client that you bring on board. Our transparent model of operations with our excellent presales and marketing support will help you extend the value proposition in the best possible manner.

Our approach in innovative, we will be providing complete back end support with a quality lead generation support in place. You will be reaching out to prospects that have a genuine interest in our services and offerings. Also, during the entire sales cycle, relevant marketing collaterals, best practices toolkits will be on offer that will help you in overcoming the objections and proceed for conclusive client acquisition.

The best part of working with GoTelecare is that we have zero charges on all our pre-sales, lead generation, marketing and account management assistance. Additionally we will be providing you comprehensive training that will make you job ready and will help you with extensive product knowledge and confidence to reach out in the marketplace in the right way.