GoTelecare Franchise
41 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10010 New York New York 10010


A Home Healthcare Franchise Serving the Right Value

As a dynamic healthcare services company, GoTelecare has been clinical in its delivery of state of the art solutions in telemedicine and medical billing services.


We are a competitive solution provider for leading healthcare centers in the country including urgent care centers, DME providers, specialty pharmacies, radiology practices, drug abuse and detox centers, hospitals, nursing homes etc. As a 100% HIPAA compliant company, we will be ensuring you reduced billing costs and better collections by working as your reliable operational extension.

We have the references, top class testimonials from leading industry peers that will help you in assessing how we have been instrumental in eliminating proven challenge areas in patient care and revenue cycle management.

As a powerful home healthcare franchise, we will be providing cutting edge solutions in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring devices that help our clients reduce care management challenges and increase patient inflow.

One of the advantages of working as a GoTelecare franchisee will be our consolidated support in presales and marketing. We will be providing you complete support in lead generation, account management, marketing and will help you with validated prospects to reach out to that have serious interest in our products and services.

Also, as a quality home healthcare franchise, we will lending you extensive support with great training assistance that will allow you to make best use of our best practices toolkits, guides for bringing clients on board. . You will be surprised to know that we offer the best healthcare franchise opportunities that are also alongside our account management, lead generation and marketing assistance model that helps you as a franchisee to make inroads in the marketplace with a quality support mechanism in place.

We are looking for promising entrepreneurs, business entities that will be extending our vision and pledge for a next gen healthcare delivery. GoTelecare provides stand alone support as a disciplined home healthcare franchise. We guarantee you as a channel partner exclusive growth possibilities and mentorship that will help you extend our cutting edge medical billing expertise, Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring services.