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A Reliable Healthcare Franchise with The Right Business Vision

Physician demand is on the rise and with the increase in the number of insured; a favorable climate has to be build with the acceptance and use of more telehealth.


Telemedicine can be acknowledged as one of the significant area of attention for medical practices looking to reduce their cumulative wait times. GoTelecare firmly believes that use of telemedicine is only going to accelerate the process of care management.

In the healthcare space, constant evolution of technology and disruptive platforms are serving the backdrop for a more virtual necessity to deal with patient care. Our client credentials are impressive and take pride in our expert understanding of modern technology that combine with individual processes. Our telemedicine, remote patient monitoring devices are developed incorporating the best practices that will better the future of virtual care.

As a healthcare franchise and a company providing competitive solutions in telehealth, medical billing, GoTelecare is looking for ambitious channel partners. . More use will lower the costs of care and will better the possibilities of subsequent development in the coming years.

The Trusted Healthcare Franchise Destination

Our expert understanding of the claims adjudication mandates of the industry makes us a desirable vendor for a wide range of specialty practices, urgent care clinics, DME providers. We are a promising healthcare revenue cycle management company providing end to end medical billing assistance. GoTelecare provides excellent healthcare franchise opportunity to its partners.

We are also working with some of the leading payers of the country; TPA’s and helping them in their healthcare administration process. Our superior account management, lead generation process will only improve your possibilities of earning passive residual income and realize a dream for a business success. Our partners will get free marketing and pre-sales support. We are also going to provide extensive training to all our franchisees. Partner with GoTelecare for exclusive support and excellent avenues of earning passive residual income.