GoTelecare Franchise
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Are You Working with The Best Healthcare Franchise?

If you are looking for a perfect healthcare franchise that can provide you with the best opportunities of growth, reach out to GoTelecare. We are dedicated revenue cycle Management Company that also delivers cutting edge solutions in Telemedicine services.


It is important to note that GoTelecare has been providing excellent services to over 100 clients across a diverse range of specialties. We provide our disciplined medical billing and telehealth support to providers.

One of the biggest differences that we bring over the table with our healthcare franchise opportunity is comprehensive marketing and pre-sales assistance. We have been a pioneer solutions provider and our strong credentials will be helping you to win over the objections of the clients.

As one of the best healthcare franchise, GoTelecare will be providing you excellent account management and lead generation support. It will help you in extending the value proposition in the market and win over the objections of the clients by utilizing our marketing collaterals in the best possible manner.

Our comprehensive training and marketing support will give you the impetus in reaching out to the prospects and making a strong case for yourself as well as for the company. At every stage of the sales cycle, we will be providing you the needed support and will help you bring the clients on board in best proportions.

The best part of working with us is that we have zero charges on our entire support plan. That’s true! We do not charge your anything for our marketing, training, lead generation and account management assistance.

We will be working as a mentor with you and our primary vision is to build up a strong team of franchisees that have the confidence and the desire to take forward our strategic outlook in the market. Partner with Gotelecare and build on your business growth with a quality healthcare franchise that offers you and end to end assistance.