GoTelecare Franchise
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Better Your Business Profitability with a Healthcare Franchise like GoTelecare

Already a powerful revenue cycle management company, GoTelecare has been leading the charge by providing tailored medical billing and telemedicine solutions. Exclusive support, complete client satisfaction, excellent communication standards is something that our clients relish with a business partnership with us.


As a competitive healthcare franchise, we provide great opportunities to our fellow channel partners, franchisees with great business viability. We provide result driven growth possibilities and as a part of the GoTelecare family, you will be ensured of greater business heights.

The biggest difference that we bring over the table will always be our excellent support plan. We will provide complete marketing support using the latest digital channels and will be ensuring you consistent and valid leads that have a genuine interest in our services and products.

We will also provide you comprehensive training that will be making you job ready and help you understand the fundamentals and the unique value proposition that we bring into picture. A powerful healthcare franchise, GoTelecare will be providing you all the relevant support with dedicated account managers working with you liaison and help you bring clients on board with our full fledged marketing and pre-sales support.

Drive your business ROI with the GoTelecare edge! We ensure you of exclusive support, great profits and consistent avenues of earning passive residual income. Once you become our business partners, it will be our responsibility to make you reach out to the prospects and provide them the best value that they are looking for.

We have the credentials, the experience, the client references that will illustrate how we have been instrumental in demystifying proven challenge areas with our comprehensive products and services. We are the only medical billing and collections company that has its very own telemedicine platform. We provide our clients the freedom to use any billing and practice management software. We are also currently serving major insurance companies in New York and California helping them in their claims adjudication priorities.