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Emerging Business Opportunities in Remote Ultrasound Monitoring

Making profitable business relationship depends a lot on the quality of services rendered and the strategic outlook of the two or more entities. In franchise form of engagement, it is more important for franchisees to imbibe the business methodology of the franchisor they are looking to partner.

In US healthcare, the use of technology and remote monitoring devices are fast gaining significance. It is imperative for any aspiring business group looking to make it big in health today understand the real time significance of the devices in telemedicine and patient monitoring.


• Any physician practice and provider of healthcare services today are looking to better models and processes that will help them streamline their care management with complete transparency in place. Mobility is the buzzword today.

• Normally, doctors have multiple commitments to address and it is important for a provider to give them the right platforms for engagement with patients that reduces TAT in a consistent manner. It is true that there are great business opportunities especially in remote ultra sound monitoring devices for ambitious business franchisees.

• It is always a pertinent idea for any provider to help the doctor monitor the vital stats of the patients remotely so that even while they are not in close proximity, the medical consultation does not lack proper diagnosis.

Use of disruptive technologies that find resonance in building up the brand reputation of a practice is of prime significance. Precisely, it is also providing promising opportunities for business vendors to engage into a channel partnership that will help both the franchisor and franchisee reach out with their best-in-class products and services.

Value-addition with franchise form of engagement is immense for modern healthcare service vendors. The channel partners get to use a proven model of business with complete marketing and presales support with relevant collaterals. The franchisors on the other hand leverage the opportunity with go-getters that are looking to make their presence felt in the existing market scenario. Truly, it is a win-win situation for both that will be worthy of observation in the coming days.