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Enjoy Low Cost Franchise Opportunity with GoTelecare

The healthcare industry at large is offering immense opportunities for service providers that are dealing in care management solutions. The rise of telemedicine is pretty evident and will be quite a chapter ahead.


Telemedicine offers the opportunity to reduce costs, improve flexibility and convenience of both the providers and the patients. Reduction of cumulative patient wait times and making necessary arrangements to meet the rising demand for physicians is only possible with state of the art telehealth solutions.

Gotelecare provides competent solutions in telemedicine and medical billing. Over the years, we have evolved as a disciplined revenue cycle management company offering competitive solutions to providers across the country. We look for aspiring franchisees that are willing to extend our business value proposition.

One of the advantages of working with Gotelecare is flexibility and a guaranteed income destination. We have no royalty charges with our partnership. The best part of working with us will always be our presales and marketing support. We provide you an end to end marketing and lead generation assistance so that you reach out to clients that have a genuine interest in our products and services.

At every stage, we will be providing you our complete support during your client acquisition process. Moreover, we have dedicated account managers for you that will be taking care of your client’s relationship management priorities. We also have a distinguished process of training and support program so that you get the right understanding of what difference we bring over the table for convincing demonstration to your prospects.

We have zero charges on all our presales, marketing and lead generation support with training. So, if there is one company that can offer you excellent opportunities for passive residual income, it is GoTelecare. You will enjoy low cost franchise opportunity with a support plan that will be consistent and result driven. We can assure you of higher incomes, improved profit margins and lastly a quality mentor for your business aspirations.