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Exciting Business Opportunities for Physicians

There is an immense growth potential ahead in the telemedicine industry. The rise in aging population, preference for home healthcare services will be favoring the market in the coming years. Technology innovation in the digital landscape is also going to have a large influence. Convenience is the buzzword today and any medical practice to survive will need flexible solutions that streamline care management efforts.


Become a part of the GoTelecare Growth Team

Physicians can leverage their years of engagement and become channel partners of GoTelecare. We are a prominent healthcare services company that is providing pioneer solutions in telehealth. Also, we have been major partners with healthcare payers and providers helping them in claims adjudication making us a competitive medical billing company providing end to end practice management support.

Physician business opportunities appear to be quite promising as they will be a part of a unique 2-In-1 model. You will have to use your references, industry contacts and take care of the acquisition process. We will also be assisting you with a dedicated lead gen assistance program that will allow you with validated leads with a genuine need in place.

Take care of acquisition; we will take care of the rest

There will no operational headache involved and you will be provided complete training on how to extend our brand potential and credible healthcare services. Our platforms in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring have been developed incorporating the functional best practices of leading telehealth interfaces.

We have our dedicated revenue cycle management services that are tailored for resolving pain areas of healthcare providers. Our robust processes and expertise as a medical billing partner will improve your client’s denial management efforts in best proportions. One thing is sure, you are sure to earn perpetual residual income with comprehensive presales and marketing support that you will be receiving from our end.

We combine our state of the art telemedicine services with an end to end revenue cycle management support for providers. Physicians can use their experience, understanding of the current healthcare market and be a part of our growth initiatives. Scenario planning is important and is rest assured that we will be our trusted mentor at every stage to improve your own as well as our brand presence.