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Exploit The Fascinating Telemedicine Success

The exciting rise in the use of smart phones is fundamentally changing the way a physician will be rendering services.
Already, 2 billion have a smart phone access and almost all the industry is proactive in the use of these devices for business processes. A radical shift from conventionality to a virtual care enabled healthcare is the need of the hour! Telemedicine! actually is setting the right benchmark for it.


Telemedicine can Forever Change Delivery

By 2020, the telemedicine and the virtual market will expand globally which will be worth $34 billion! It truly makes more sense than economics.

Patients are looking for convenience in their care and the right tone of personalization. On the other hand, it is in the interests of the provider to implement cost effective platforms that offers seamless real time medical consultations.

A Pragmatic Approach for Value Based Telehealth

There are clear estimates that a majority of the urgent care centers, clinics and even ER visits could be even better handled over a phone video! There is practically no difference in the quality of telemedicine visits and in person visits at least for minor conditions.

Precisely, this is serving as a backdrop for the treatment of many major ailments. It is time for the physicians and even the payer, to accept the new realities of disruptive and complex technologies making rapid inroads.

It is critical to get a value based telemedicine success story, the alignment of the payers, providers and patients to achieve what works for each! It isn’t a simple task as it is definitely not a video chat that is in isolation, a text message or just a phone call.

The idea should be to incorporate remote patient monitoring services into the entire diaphragm of the traditional healthcare. To continue better patient engagement, better communication standards between the different interfaces is mandatory.