GoTelecare Franchise
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GoTelecare Makes its Presence Felt As a Home Healthcare Franchise

Delivering state of the art solutions in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring devices, GoTelecare is your ideal destination as a powerful home healthcare franchise.


Over the years, we have been delivering cutting edge services in healthcare practice management/ revenue cycle management and telehealth solutions. In fact, we are the only medical billing company that has its very own proprietary telemedicine platform.

The biggest advantage in being a GoTelecare franchisee will be our consolidated marketing and pre-sales assistance. We have a robust team of lead generation specialists, account management experts in place that will be providing you full marketing support using the latest digital channels. We will be providing you validated lead assistance that will help you reach out to prospects that have a genuine interest in our products and services.

There is a lead extraction facility in process that will be providing you with ample leads in your territory. There will be dedicated business support executives in place who will be working with you liaison and will be providing you all the relevant marketing collaterals, best practices toolkits that you need for your client acquisition process.

As a powerful home healthcare franchise, GoTelecare will be providing all the training that you need as a channel partner to extend our strategic value in best proportions. We will be the ideal mentor for you and will be guaranteeing you excellent business ROI. Our team of experts will be providing you the desired foundation to explore your business viability and extend our mission of a next gen healthcare delivery.

Drive your business growth with the GoTelecare advantage! We promise your off excellent business dividends and profit sharing mark ups and earn passive residual income during the clients engagement for a lifecycle! Our experts are just a call away! Become our proud partners and make your presence felt in the healthcare space as a distinct business entity.