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GoTelecare Sets The Benchmark As a Next Gen Telemedicine Company

Already a quality healthcare services company, GoTelecare has been providing quality telemedicine services to leading providers across a diverse range of specialties. Also, we are a dedicated medical billing company providing stand alone practice management/ revenue cycle management assistance.


As a progressive telemedicine company, we believe in the idea of a next gen healthcare delivery. We develop state of the art telemedicine, remote patient monitoring platforms that stand the test of time and give excellent boost to your patient care priorities.

We will be enabling the technology for you and will help you in increasing your patient volume. Individual practices have incentives today to come out of large hospital networks to curb costs with the insurance bomb thrown by the Trump administration bolstering for an open market. Telemedicine will remain the cornerstone for quality care management and will be providing you with flexibility in medical consultations. GoTelecare will provide personalized telemedicine platforms that will help you in increasing your patient volume and also curb costs with operations.

The biggest asset of working with our telemedicine platform is that we will help you in reducing your cumulative patient wait times and also demand for primary care physicians. Patients will get the convenience and transparency in getting the right treatment and diagnosis by leveraging the benefits of disruptive technology advances in the telemedicine space. You will be able to drive your operational priorities and simplify the task of medical consultations that will allow you both time and speed in reacting to the patients.

The mindset of the modern patient is evolving with time. Today, Smartphone has opened up a horizon and every patient wants to make best use of technology to know their health vitals. Telemedicine , dynamic remote patient monitoring devices give the leeway to a practice to explore more. GoTelecare believes in providing you stand out solutions that will guarantee to best in class results.