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GoTelecare: Taming The Billing Monster

Improving the American healthcare system is a tough task. For this reason, a framework has been created that is known as Triple Aim. The purpose is to improve the patient’s experience of care (that includes satisfaction combined with finesse), improves the health of the population and reduces cost for healthcare.


One prominent practical and gradually accepted way to accomplish the Triple Aim is Telemedicine. The increasing comfort and the way technology has been a part of our daily life and the ever-decreasing cost of such technology play vital roles.

Most of the health systems have yet to develop a billing model that will construct telemedicine as a reasonable mechanism. Efforts have been taken to improve the quality of healthcare. The primary aim is to reduce patient issues in all six dimensions at a single site of care. Those are patient-centeredness, safety, effectiveness, timeliness, equity and efficiency.

To adopt and promote telemedicine there has to be a correct mechanism. Healthcare is easy and affordable that way. But with the ever changing billing system and new processes of payment coming in, the chances of error are quite inevitable.


This is how GoTelecare helps with 3 potential solutions –

1. Minimal Risk

  • GoTelecare is experienced in handling complex contracts/claims.
  • GoTelecare is veteran in working with diverse claims and billing systems.
  • Quick and efficient resource for special projects when needed. For example, Member Retention Program.
  • Quick and efficient temporary resource when needed. For example, Inventory Backup, Annual Enrollment Period.

2. Significant Upside Potential

  • GoTelecare has a first-rate comprehension of US Health Care industry. We work both for the Payers and Providers.
  • Exceedingly competitive rates (the best in the market), preeminent productivity, enhanced precision of claims, augmented provider contentment, diminution in overtime cost and reduced admin cost.
  • Leverage partial outsourcing to increase and/or create operational expansion opportunities.

3. Proven Process Performance

  • Claims Processing: Accuracy > 98%; TAT: 5 - 10 days.
  • Efficient coding and billing process – special focus on rejection and denial management.
  • Contact Center: Abandonment Rate < 2%, ASA within 30 seconds for 90% of calls, High CSAT.

One last thought, we perpetually believe in lucid communication and quick responses. Furthermore, user privacy has been maintained and protections through implementation of industry standard like ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA.