GoTelecare Franchise
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GoTelecare: The Healthcare Franchise Building Your Financial Future

One of the biggest advantages of working with a powerful healthcare franchise is their action plan and dedicated support strategy for their franchisees. GoTelecare, a leading telemedicine, and medical billing company are providing dynamic opportunities ahead for full-time healthcare professionals, healthcare executives, to leverage their professional experience and extend our business potential.


We have built a competitive market presence with our stand-out solutions in telemedicine that combine well with our medical billing services.

Complete Lead Generation Assistance

We believe in building a growth partner and a family with our team of franchisees. Over the entire engagement, you will be entitled to residual income for any client acquisition that you do during its lifetime. Also, the best part of working with GoTelecare is its excellent lead generation expertise.

We will provide you well-validated leads that have a genuine interest in our range of services. Our case studies, marketing support will help you establishing our case and win over common apprehensions. You will receive end to end support and an account manager who will be taking care of your accounts.

A Consistent Training and Support Model

You can also get access to excellent training from experienced healthcare professionals. Complete demonstration of our products and services and specialization will give you a clear understanding on how we eliminate pain points in revenue cycle with our effective intervention. A clear process and product knowledge will make your chances positive.

So what are you waiting for! Earn yourself a guaranteed growth map and establish yourself as a business without any royalty fees. All our clients are covered by insurance benefits by Acord, which speaks volumes about how much we care about the accountability in business transactions.

Our vision is to set up a strong team, an aspiring team of franchisees who will be able to work with us and extend our value proposition. Partner with GoTelecare and ride your financial growth with excellent pre-sales and marketing support. We have zero charges on our end to end account management support.