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How To Launch A Breakthrough Healthcare Franchise

Today’s healthcare industry is constantly impacted by the use of technology platforms that share information real time.


Mobility has completely changed the marketplace dynamics in the last few years. Robust applications and interfaces are dominating and telemedicine platforms are no exceptions.

In fact, if you are a company looking to make its presence felt in the telehealth segment, you must look for constant innovation!

The company that establishes its brand credentials by providing enabled devices keeping a close track of medical consultations and reducing proximity between the patient and the doctor will be a definite preference.

  • Every year, the cumulative patient wait time is increasing and as a practice, it will be a pertinent idea to engage telemedicine as a great extension to your care management and operations model.

  • Providing clinics with a breakthrough telemedicine platform that is simple and integrates seamlessly with a practice’s existing operations will be a handy job.

  • A healthcare franchise that is dealing with interfaces in telemedicine has to connect all the necessary checkpoints e.g. audio-video, remote patient monitoring platforms, telephone.

  • The remote diagnosis and treatment of the patient by means of telecommunications has to be carried out in a streamlined manner.

  • Expanding your reach by giving viability to a practice’s immediate requirement by tailored solutions is the key to success as a telemedicine company.

  • You will have to look for consistency and implement a visionary cloud-based platform that truly stands the test of time.

Provider shortage is going to increase in the next ten years. Practices especially providing services in the metropolitan areas need to better their efforts in reaching out to a larger patient base.

As a telehealth company, you will have to convince your prospects on how you will better their existing operations and make it flexible.

Accessibility with a simple 4 step telemedicine process

Create the profile: The entire process should start with a correct profile set up for the providers and the patients. The providers should be able to submit the enrollment package.

Simultaneously, the patient demographics and the insurance information with a telemedicine app that can be identified with a picture and an insurance card have to be filled in.

A comprehensive training, webinar in business hours will be a necessary step to make it work!

Confirmation of the appointment: A perfect portal that gives physicians flexibility in rescheduling, deny or confirm appointments will be a definitive need.

It should also provide the right segregation of the number and type of patients that is been treated by a provider. Calendar availability and its real-time information sharing are a necessary aid.

Similarly the patients should be able to choose a particular kind of provider. Helping them with pioneer solutions and flexibility in scheduling medical consultation is necessary.

Confirmation from the provider will help in proper scheduling of the appointment across a video/audio session.
Health insurance processing services with ultimate technology capabilities.

The angle that will set you apart will be your medical billing. If you can add value by providing end to end support in billing dedicated to telemedicine, it will work as a great bonus. You will be a one stop destination for them for telemedicine and revenue cycle management services.