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New Healthcare Business Partnership Opportunities to Join in 2016 – 17

Healthcare Business Partnership Opportunities to Join in 2016 – 2017


Healthcare is an area that enjoys a kind of immortality. The demand for healthcare services is an eternal one. Add to that the ongoing proliferation of healthcare providers, health insurance plans and the increased affordability of quality care, and it is easy to see why a business opportunity in this sector garners so much attention.

Healthcare business partnership opportunities are not a novelty. They have been around for quite some time now, and have made people rich and famous in various measures. Bolstered by their undiminished popularity and their potential profitability, new opportunities keep appearing on the vista regularly.

However, as Dylan would have agreed, the times, they are indeed a changing. And this is reflected in the changing nature of such opportunities, which have evolved from simple partnership models where ‘partners’ had to remain content by staying involved in a marginal capacity, to more sophisticated models where the extent of involvement is substantial and the rewards, more significant.

As the current year draws to a close, a dominating trend in healthcare startup opportunities is partnering with business entities with a suitably modern product or service. A good instance of this can be found in telemedicine and mHealth (or mobilehealth). These are the latest buzzwords in US healthcare. They harness the latest technological innovations and combine them into a service which is fundamentally essential, viz. providing medical attention remotely.

A few companies dealing in such products have gone a step further to include billing & collection into the telemedicine and remote patient monitoring service. This has resulted in a comprehensive, totally virtual healthcare experience that is nothing short of revolutionary. For those who are looking for an easy healthcare startup opportunity, nothing could be better. There is no need to set up shop, or find a brick-and-mortar establishment. Everything is conducted virtually and remotely, resulting in significant revenue generation that is 100% real.

Ambitious entrepreneurs are quick to hop on to this exciting new bandwagon. Others are taking their time to wait and watch a little longer before taking the leap. In spite of such mixed reaction, it can be safely assumed that a business opportunity involving telemedicine and remote patient monitoring is truly a sign of the times, and will be around for some time.