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NY passed state private health insurance mandate for telehealth

Gov. Cuomo signed into law legislation that would allow some licensed health providers in New York to reimburse for live video/audio, store-and-forward, and remote patient monitoring from private insurers. Under the new law, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2015, private insurers are required to cover services via telemedicine if provided by hospitals, home care and hospice agencies, licensed physicians, PAs, dentists, nursing, midwives, podiatrists, optometrists, ophthalmic dispensers, psychologists, social workers, or speech language pathology and audiologists. Budget withstanding, the law also authorizes the Medicaid agency to expand coverage and reimbursement of telemedicine. New York joins 21 states and DC with some type of telemedicine reimbursement parity law. Please click here for a link to the approved bill language.

Missouri state Rep. Jay Barnes has introduced two bills that would improve telemedicine in the state. HB 320 includes a provision that would authorize the Dept. of Social Services to establish on-site telehealth clinics on the campuses of public elementary and secondary schools where at least 50 percent of the student body is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. HB 319 adds other eligible distant site providers such as speech, occupational and physical therapists, as well as the home and school as originating sites for telehealth services covered under their Medicaid program.

Indiana (Jan. 22), Iowa (Jan. 15), and Tennessee (Jan. 14) have scheduled hearings this month to discuss proposed telemedicine practice standards. ATA members may visit the ATA State Regulatory Tracker for additional details on these hearings.