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RPM & Telemedicine Benefits to Watch in 2017

Aging population has been a serious driver for the growth of telemedicine. The rise of commercial ACO’s that are looking for better transparency in patient care is going to have a positive impact on the RPM & Telemedicine market.


It is important to note that at present more than 16 million people are actively using services in telemedicine. Personalization is the buzzword today. Patients over the age of 65 largely prefer the convenience of home for treating their chronic ailments.

Impact of Older Adults

At least 59% of the older adults are using the internet today. Consistency in health information and security are the top consideration for 53% of the adults that are online.

Uses of health applications have increased rapidly with a 32% consumer at least have one application in healthcare installed on their phones. The rise of home healthcare services and an increase in older populations is going to improve the telemedicine market.

Improving Care Management Efforts

The top consideration for any provider today is to reach out to a broader patient base with the help of a virtual medium. Use of robust processes and technology innovation in platforms are driving improvement in patient care.

Telemedicine provides lucrative opportunities for the clinics to reach out to a larger section of patients with their effective services. Reducing cumulative patient wait times is a critical issue for the majority practices. Telemedicine helps in reach out with better medical consultation real time with the help of customized platforms.

Reimbursement Policies are Improving

It is pretty evident to all that the telemedicine market will be standing at $ 1625 million by 2020. The state legislations are providing a congenial environment for its rapid growth.

Many providers are looking for transformation and a genuine change in their conventional mode of operations.
Moreover, the rise of EMR and practice updates that are automated will be a massive requirement in the coming years. Reimbursement policies and ACO’s preference for the RPM & telemedicine use is going to be an interesting event.

Telemedicine eventually helps with better transparency in your medical procedure. Service prices of the providers will be a key consideration for the payers in the coming days. Improving patient care by reducing costs is possible with the effective use of customized platforms in remote patient monitoring and telemedicine devices. It will be a pertinent effort to elevate your practice standards with best in class platforms.