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See What Health IT News Says Are The "Top Product Attributes" for Telemedicine and How GoTelecare Already Has Them!

According to a report from HIMSS Analytics,The 2014 US Telemedicine Study, shows that less than half of care organizations are utilizing telemedicine technology. The report outlined several topics, including integration of telemedicine products and services with electronic health records (EHRs), primary reasons and timeline for investment, and top product attributes considered by organizations. (Read the whole article here)
GoTelecare is proud to announce that we have already incoporated the technology that Healthcare IT news and the 2014 US Telemedicine Study claim are "Top Product" attributes:
GoTelecare virtualizes doctor visits with video consultations and a comprehensive practice management along with a low cost medical billing platform, that increases access to medical services and reduces costs for medical practices, healthcare facilities and healthcare services org anizations.


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