GoTelecare Franchise
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Serious Home Healthcare Business Opportunities with The GoTelecare Edge

Gotelecare is a dynamic healthcare services company that provides end to end revenue cycle management services alongside cutting edge services in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring devices.

We will provide end to end support to our clients win revenue cycle management and also provide them with great possibilities in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.


Leveraging the benefits of quality telemedicine platforms provides great opportunities for both service players and their channel partners to make use of the immense need of powerful telemedicine platforms that stand the test of time.

As a franchisee of Gotelecare, you will be making use of our excellent credentials, unique value proposition and great possibilities that we offer as a one stop destination for leading practices and healthcare providers.

Great pre-sales and account management support at zero charges

The rising importance of the telemedicine world is surely having a huge impact over potential service players that are looking to make their presence felt in the competitive landscape. Our franchisees, channel partners will be making use of our immense potential and also gain immensely with our complete presales and marketing support that helps them make better use of the competitive advantage that we offer as a quality home healthcare franchise.

Earn business ROI with our marketing support involving the latest digital channels

Disruptive advent of telehealth technologies provides the scope for a next gen delivery of healthcare that allows patients as well as their physicians with flexibility. You will be surprised to know that we offer the best healthcare franchise opportunities that are also alongside our account management, lead generation and marketing assistance model that helps you as a franchisee to make inroads in the marketplace with a quality support mechanism in place. Our team will be working with you and will be providing you training, account management support as well as complete pre-sales support.

Earn excellent passive residual income with a great home healthcare franchise opportunity from Gotelecare. We are looking for promising entrepreneurs, business entities that will be extending our vision and pledge for a next gen healthcare delivery.