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Surprise Growth in Telemedicine Franchise is Not Strange

The growth rate in telehealth is quite unreal. If you have to broadly define telemedicine, it essentially is the utilization of communication technologies to deliver and elevate medical care. Regardless of any physical proximity between the patient and provider, the services are rendered directly. The best advantage: Eliminate demographic boundaries that can create a hindrance to care management.


The approach of this form of technology is standing promisingly. Telemedicine reduces time in transportation costs. It has proved its mettle in rendering quality assistance both for home healthcare and correctional homes.

Current Market Scenario in Telemedicine

The recent transition in policies of reimbursement clearly emphasize that it will be suitable for telemedicine adoption. The global market was USD 23,224 million in 2015. It is expected to growth at 18.8% CAGR and is projected to get to USD 66,606 million at the end of 2022! The prospect of telemedicine to revolutionize the entire healthcare mechanism is a key reason.

The Telemedicine Road-map According to industry Experts

75% of the patients in the US are currently on Telemedicine. Innovations in cloud are making patients rely for secure sharing of health records. Only 16% of patients with any form of minor ailment will be choosing an emergency room in spite of the telemedicine advantage.

Patients believe that satisfaction in medical care is possible with telemedicine. Personalization is the mandate and access is more important for a modern patient than human interactions.

Telemedicine: Drivers and restraints

There are appropriate factors that are influencing the key drivers for a lucrative telemedicine market. Constant innovation in technology is a major advantage. The increase of the remote patient monitoring device is also crucial.
The restraints are also pretty sure shot. The complexities of the regulatory environment and the surging costs of advanced technology are making matters worse. Proper infrastructure support and lack of implementation due to proper physician support will be the others.

However, there are significant shifts and the rise of ACO’s are contributing greatly to the powerful rise in telehealth. The mandate is loud and clear, reimbursements will be safer if you are using telemedicine as a healthcare provider!
The number of patients that will be using telemedicine will be rising to 7 million by 2018. Telemedicine makes up of nearly one-fourth of the entire healthcare IT market. The market is definite to offer opportunities for companies that can make their technology simple. To increase the adoption of telemedicine, process innovation will be critical.

Primary end users like the clinics, hospitals; patients need to be more confident that it will improve their operational best practices. Enrolling more patients for the telemedicine will reduce readmissions. The virtual process in appointment has to be powerful and there should not be any alter with an in-person visit.