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The Power-Packed Home Healthcare Franchise

Providers will always be in search of service providers that can appeal better. Medical billing is surely one of the cornerstone areas that need support.


Freeing the in-house resources from tedious administrative hassles in practice management will always be the priority for a medical practice. To determine a better financial return, finding a quality medical billing franchise will always be an excellent idea.

• It will be important to note that as a practice, your priority should be to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a home healthcare franchise that claims to offer a streamlined support.

• What has been their credibility in the marketplace? How important it is for them to guarantee results and keep up to the compliance mandates?

• Last but not the least, the impact on my billing expenses and increase in tangible reimbursements!

Finding a trusted partner that vows to meet it with success should be a next gen medical billing company that challenges to eliminate your revenue cycle woes. Ensuring the right checks and balances with improved denial management methods and constantly improving the transparency with medical claims should be the idea.

GoTelecare : Your reliable Medical Billing and Telehealth partner

As an impact home healthcare franchise, GoTelecare can be hailed as a dedicated revenue cycle management expert.

• We have combined robust processes with excellent resources that work in tandem and with 100% HIPAA compliance.

• We have the references that you are looking for from the leading industry peers across DME, urgent care, nursing homes, hospitals, dermatology clinics, primary physician practice and many more.

Are you ready to talk to us? Our experts will be happy to have a no commitment call with you about our unique value proposition. We bring together a dynamic team of medical billing professionals that work across a wide range of billing software. You don’t have to worry about any installation costs as it will be a Sun Knowledge responsibility.