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The Timely Truth That You Should Know in Telemedicine

On March 28, at a convention of ATA and Telehealth Capitol Connection (TCC), discussions took place on how behavioral health issues can be effectively addressed by Telemental health services. A practicing psychologist very rightly pointed out the fact that the present standards are not able to combat the rising curve of drug and substance addiction in the country. Getting fast treatment is not a possibility as there are not adequate facilities and professionals to treat this menace.


It clearly boils down to increase of cumulative patient wait times across all specialties and providers of healthcare services. Telemedicine while being a relatively new concept has already emerged as a winner. The field is also consistently getting transformed with technology advancing to exponential levels.

Telemedicine has the potential to Revolutionize Care Management

One of the important assets with telemedicine is its affordability and accessibility that is helping its widespread acceptance. The rise of home healthcare facilities and the large aging patient base is favoring the telemedicine market greatly.

• Essentially, it is expected to growth at a CAGR of 18.4% and by the end of 2020, it can well be a market worth $66 million! The potential of telemedicine to revolutionize the reach of healthcare cannot be underrated.

• Rising use of Smartphone users, a demand for consistent services that negates demographic boundaries is also influencing the market. However, many still are apprehensive about the high costs in operations and challenges with steady reimbursement.

But, there are a lot being done at the State levels to encourage providers to include telemedicine that is improving transparency of care management solutions.

The increase in the use of Remote patient monitoring devices is also accelerating the telemedicine’s growth. The physicians prefer smart automation across multiple platforms that are sharing information and patient vitals real time. Patients also are benefitted as they can receive timely medical assistance even without being in close proximity with their doctors.

Telemedicine: A tool that defines Patient Convenience

A tool that was primarily created for treating patients in a remote locality has now developed into a medium that offers convenience in medical care. It is pertinent in the context of primary care physicians that are already overburdened.

The country needs robust telemedicine platforms that meet the expectation of a rising patient base that is already dealing with the unavailability of medical attention.

• Patients are already using a wide range of mobile health applications to track and monitor their health. Perfect examples will be simple devices that monitor glucose levels in the blood, measure blood pressure that gives patients an indication to consult a doctor for further diagnosis.

• A present day patient is more proactive in using technology to manage their routine health affairs.

• They will surely be open to alternative ways of using the virtual medium that is well connected. Telemedicine is allowing them to communicate their health issues with their physicians.

Medical practices too are looking for an edge in the competitive sphere with cutting edge telemedicine services that help them reach out to a larger patient base quickly and effectively. It appears to be a quite intriguing growth affair for telemedicine given the fact that personal access to healthcare is only going to get bigger in the coming days.