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Trends to Watch in Home Healthcare Franchise

Institutional medicine has already become a strong member of the healthcare industry. Personal treatment is going to be an important asset for the providers. Technology advancements are fast developing and staying ahead in it is going to be extremely vital. The complicated regulatory environment is also a major contributor that asks providers to look for constant innovation.


The growth of the technology landscape is witnessing an emerging trend in the devices that transmit health information, data in a streamlined fashion.

All the fundamental contact points with the patient, the physician and home care providers will be looking proactive assistance in terms of feedback. Automation is the buzzword today and any home healthcare franchise that is looking to take on a competitive advantage has to look for actionable market intelligence.

Complexities in the Reimbursement World

Home healthcare accounts to nearly $20 billion expenditure cost for the Medicare. It is true that as many patients especially the aging population will be looking for home care. There is going to be an overall reduction of healthcare expenditure over institutional medicine.

It is going to call extensive scrutiny politically with increasing budget. It will be asking for increasing hurdles in the regulatory field with apprehensions of payment cuts. Providers of home healthcare services will have to plan early to stay in compliance with the federal and state regulations.

Managing Bundled Payments

Any provider of home healthcare services will need to have a consistent plan in place with the bundled model of payment in Medicare. Surgeries related to joint replacement is greatly impacted. In spite of the entire gloomy environment, it is going to encourage acute care hospitals to work closely with home healthcare providers.

Readmissions are going to reduce and patient outcomes are going to be better. However, a disciplined plan to counter the claims adjudication priorities of the payer will be a mandatory question.

To conclude, we can say that a home healthcare provider will be in the best position if it knows how to take advantage of the upcoming changes in the regulatory environment. Using latest technology interfaces that streamline revenue cycle management is going to be a key effort. Also, improving care management will depend on how better they can excel in their telehealth solutions for better flexibility.